The Waterfront Mural – “A Walk Through History, Then & Now”

This lively and colorful 125’x40’ mural is much more than its scale and excitement. Painted by Shane Pilster and Max Gonzales, this mural holds many references to Homestead’s present and past. From the energetic colors and stars coming from Betty Davis, to the explosive pouring of steel, this scene depicts our community’s history as an industry town and a music and technology hub. As Homestead continues to grow and change, it will always hold praise and value to its origins.

Artists Max and Shane also hold this historical knowledge close to heart as part of Rivers of Steel’s Graffiti Arts Program at the Carrie Furnaces. Both have also taught in schools, run workshops, and painted many murals with our community prior to this project. Max and Shane wanted to let us know how valuable of an experience this was for them, as over the 3 weeks of painting, they got the chance to meet and talk to many community members and friends and family of those whose portraits they were painting. As two artists who love to adapt their imagery on the fly, they even took on some community suggestions and imagery during their process.

We hope to see even more color and celebration in our community and our artists are more than willing to make that happen. If you would like to learn more from our artists or commission them for your own project, you can find them at