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College Students – Save Up to $25/month!

  • Our Student Discount is your first step to success!
  • College students can save up to $25/mo with two lines on Unlimited, plus taxes & fees.
  • Get your discount in 3 easy steps.
  • Step 1
      • Confirm your eligibility for the student discount with our partner UNiDAYS’s verification tool.
      • (You need to be a current student actively enrolled in an undergraduate, graduate, post-graduate, online, or vocational school program in order to qualify for the Verizon Student discount.)
      • UNiDAYS will verify your eligibility as a student after you create or log in to your account. When you’re done, UNiDAYS will return you to the Verizon site to complete your enrollment.)
  • Step 2
      • Once you’re verified by UNiDAYS, you’ll continue back to Verizon to register your account.
  • Step 3
      • After your registration is complete, we’ll email you to let you know you’re all set.
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Some restrictions apply on our Student Discount. For eligible students actively enrolled (including online enrollment) in a U.S. secondary educational institution of higher learning, including undergraduate, graduate, and/or vocational school or institution. Approved verification documents req’d. Offer good for a max of four (4) years as long as annual eligibility evaluations are met. Discount limited to max of 2 phone lines. Eligible students must be account owner or account manager; one offer per account. Cannot be combined with most offers. Unlimited 4G LTE: In times of congestion, your data may be temporarily slower than other traffic (only after 25 GB/mo on Play More Unlimited, 50 GB/mo on Do More Unlimited and 75 GB/mo on Get More Unlimited). Domestic data roaming at 2G speeds.
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