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Cute Summer Dresses

Now available

Perfect for Your Next Summer Wedding Destination

  • These summer dresses!
  • They are just too cool to pass up.
  • Check out what we think would work best for each style:
    1. You’re *so* ready for your Mamma Mia! moment at a big fat Greek wedding.
    2. Sun-kissed and thriving at your bestie’s farmhouse fete.
    3. You just caught the bouquet! This Todos Santos trip is all about taking charge.
    4. Living your Martha Stewart fantasy at a rustic gathering in Cape Cod.
    5. Spotted: Very single (and *very* your type) celeb at A-list nuptials in Hollywood.
    6. Brooklyn rooftop. Craft cocktails. You’re the ultimate NYC cool girl, XOXO!
  • The best part? They start at just $29.99.
  • Now get on over to Old Navy and outfit yourself for your summer event!
Summer Dress styles may vary by location. Shop in-store for best selection.
Old Navy: Imagine a place where you can find all of your wardrobe “must-haves” at prices you can’t believe. Everything from your favorite t-shirts and jeans to your seasonal fashion faves. A place where every family member is invited. Where everything has great style and quality and the shopping experience is actually fun, not a chore. That place is Old Navy, making current American fashion essentials accessible for every family. As one of the largest apparel brands in the world, we offer customers fabulous fashion online as well in our 1,000+ stores around the world.
Founded: 1994 (named after a bar in Paris).
Retail record: In 1997, Old Navy became the first retailer to reach $1 billion in annual sales in less than four years of operation.
Employees say: “Empowerment makes us unique in the retail industry. We acknowledge and celebrate innovators and allow leaders to be business owners. We embrace learning and help people grow professionally and personally.”
“I think Old Navy is a great place to work because it is always trying new things to engage with our teams. It sends out calendars with different activities and treats on certain days. It makes it fun to come to work. It also just rolled out a recognition program around Old Navy cards. Associates who meet certain milestones get a card as a form of recognition. It shows the team that the company appreciates all that they do.”