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Crunch Waterfront Summer Camp!

June 12 & 13 • 3 - 8 pm

Join us for summer fun!

  • Ready for some summer fun?
  • Join us in the Crunch Waterfront parking lot on Monday & Tuesday, June 12 & 13
  • We’ll have tons of fun outdoor activities including:
    • A dunk tank
    • Supplement pong
    • Group fitness classes
    • Snow cones
    • Food trucks
    • Local vendors
    • Swag & more!
  • Crunch Members, bring your friends and family. All are welcome!
  • For more information, call the club at 412.461.2759 or stop by!
The Crunch Summer Camp event takes place for two days only, Monday and Tuesday June 12 & 13, 2023.
At Crunch, There Are No Judgments
Some may call it a tagline, but at Crunch, it’s a way of life. It’s our Monday-thru-every-day mantra. An unfiltered philosophy that drives us to create a community and a gym for all.
No judgments means room for everyone, regardless of shape, size, age, race, gender or fitness level. No matter your workout of choice, we want you to feel good while reaching your goals.
Join the Fun
There are no judgments here – Not too much or not enough. No glares of disapproval. Here we keep open minds. We are nurturers. We seek only to encourage, empower and entertain. There is no one type. There is no one reason. There is no one way.
What we are is a diverse community; what we have is a culture of fun; what there is, is room for everyone: all kinds of people with all kinds of goals who’ve chosen to come reach them with us.
Crunch. No Judgments.
Why We Do What We Do
We started modestly as one small gym in a humble basement studio in New York City’s East Village in 1989 as a welcoming place for a diverse group of people to get fit. While we believe in the power of fitness to improve lives, we also know exercise is hard work and everyone can use a little more motivation. So we’ve fused fitness and entertainment so that we can make serious exercise fun.
Your Crunch Experience
Crunch is best known for our colorful personality and kickass group fitness and training programs that are #OnlyAtCrunch. With two brands, and a variety of membership options with no long-term commitments, the right Crunch experience is ready for you.