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Calamari for Fridays During Lent

Now available

Our Crispy Calamari Can’t Be Beat

  • Not eating meat during Lent?
  • Crispy Calamari with a charred lemon coming right up!
  • See our entire menu here, then visit us on Fridays during the Lenten season.
Calamari is available on our regular menu. Please visit the restaurant for more information.
Passionate about pints. Maniacal for malts. 
Rock Bottom always has been and always will be about the beer. Every tank we tap represents hours of planning, experimentation, ingenuity and precision by your local Rock Bottom Brewmaster. While we pride ourselves on the remarkably consistent quality of our beers, we’re just as dedicated to letting the personality, experience and particular expertise of each Brewmaster shine through.
When you hit Rock Bottom, you’ll not only enjoy these handcrafted brews and our made-from-scratch food, but you’ll feel a connection to the locals and the location that just doesn’t happen at many other restaurants. We like to say that life begins when “You’ve Hit Rock Bottom®”.
Whether you’re a local in search of other locals or a visitor in search of local flavor, you’ll find them both at your local Rock Bottom. We’re ALWAYS laughing, loving, cooking, pouring, living, BREWING.