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Alone? Get a Date Bag!

Now available

No Date = No Problem

  • Are you or someone you know stuck alone these days?
  • Our Date Bag gives you all you need for a lovely date night at home:
    • 1 Grow your own boyfriend or girlfriend
    • 1 “Love Potion” (energy drink)
    • 1 Chocolate and Strawberry soda
    • 1 Chocolate covered cherry (Big Cherry)
    • 1 Hammond’s Bourbon Pecan Pie chocolate bar
    • 1 Tiny stuffed friend to hear all about your great date afterwards
  • You can even customize your Date Bag.
  • Just call us at 412.461.6462 and we’ll put one together for you!
Date Bag must be ordered in advance and picked up in store. See Rocket Fizz for more details.
The Rocket Fizz Soda Pop and Candy Shops, LLC (better known as “Rocket Fizz”) opened its first retail store in Camarillo, California in February 2009. The concept was created by Ryan Morgan and Robert (“Rob”) Powells who believe people of all ages and backgrounds want to have a good time in life. What can be more fun than visiting an old-fashioned soda pop and candy shop?
Rocket Fizz Soda Pop and Shops offers one of the largest and craziest selections of glass-bottled soda pops and retro candies for sale in America. We pride ourselves on carrying unique and fun products for people of all ages. When a customer enters a Rocket Fizz store, they are visually overwhelmed by the amount of colorful inventory. We work hard to ensure that all Rocket Fizz stores carry a similar selection and present a similar shopping experience.
With their backgrounds in soda pop bottling, warehousing and distribution, retailing, importing products from around the world, designing and developing real estate projects, and selling soda and candy, Rob and Ryan created the Rocket Fizz system. They are steeped in pop culture and have real-life relationships with Hollywood celebrities who also love and support Rocket Fizz. Rob and Ryan’s motto is simple: You live only once, so why not have great fun while earning a living?