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This Week’s Hottest Good Books

This Week’s Hottest Good Books

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Every week we highlight some of the most-talked about and most-interesting good books currently making noise.

July is a historic month for all of us, not to mention a month of vacations, cookouts, and carving out some hammock time for reading. This week’s biggest books include a thoughtful reflection on having a meaningful life from one of America’s most successful women, a taut new Scot Harvath thriller from master of the genre Brad Thor, and plenty more where those came from.

I’ve Been Thinking…: Reflections, Prayers, and Meditations for a Meaningful Life, by Maria Shriver

Shriver is one of the most remarkable people alive today. The niece of President John F. Kennedy, wife of former Governor of California and Hollywood superstar Arnold Schwarzenegger, and top-tier journalist, Shriver has transformed a life of privilege and opportunity into true achievement, including her recent work raising money and awareness against Alzheimer’s Disease. Her new book offers unvarnished and painfully honest reflections on her life’s journey and the lessons she’s learned along the way, offering a vivid portrait of a reflective and thoughtful woman who wants her life to have meaning. Anyone seeking the same will find both comfort in knowing someone of Shriver’s caliber is dealing with the same doubts and hopes as well as guidance as Shriver shares the benefit of her unique experiences.

Spymaster, by Brad Thor

The 17th Scot Harvath book finds the skilled agent finally feeling his age—though he’s still the most dangerous and effective employee at private security and espionage endeavor The Carlton Group. Across Europe, someone is assassinating diplomats, and Harvath is ordered to find out who—and why. When it’s revealed to be part of a plot by Russia to leverage the NATO alliance to draw the United States into a war, Harvath is tasked with stopping the Russian plan, and he goes on the offensive, identifying and hunting down the assassins themselves. Meanwhile, the founder of the Carlton Group battles a declining mental state that means the secrets of his long career are at risk—and the new head, former CIA chief Lydia Ryan, must scramble to protect those secrets—as well as her agents in the field.

Fail Until You Don’t, by Bobby Bones

With a daily audience of more than five million, Bobby Bones is one of the most influential people working in radio today. In his newest memoir, however, he doesn’t claim any sort of supernatural brilliance or extraordinary luck—quite the opposite. He details mistakes he’s made throughout his life and career and how he transformed those missteps into successes through the simple process of hard work and unfailing effort. Combined with equally inspiring stories of failure and lessons learned from some of his famous guests and friends, Bones’ newest is the sort of book anyone who’s feeling like they’ve failed to achieve their dreams needs to read—right now.

Girl, Wash Your Face, by Rachel Hollis

Hollis, founder of TheChicSite.com, writes a funny and warmhearted book imploring women to stop comparing themselves to each other and feeling like no amount of achievement will ever be enough. Hollis is up front about her own failings, relating a childhood where she learned that accomplishments got praise, leading a life of burnout as she tried to constantly produce and lived in a pressure cooker. This spilled out into her love life, and Hollis, now a happily married mother of four, is brutally honest about her own missteps with her future husband. The end result is a book that will get women to take a step back, take a breath, and think hard about what they want instead of what’s expected of them.